Thursday, March 26, 2009

Home sweet home...

It had to come. Following hot on the heels of the Louth trackplan came my home town, Mablethorpe.
Once I get on a roll with my trackplanning there's no stopping me. Something based on Sutton-on-Sea may appear soon as well. Looking at the site in a different way was the key.
As, you can see with this idea, like the Louth plan, the centre of interest is the goods shed. With the platform shelter and yard office breaking the view on the right and the Engine shed on the left. According to my sources (thanks Ian) the Engine shed was torn down in 1924 so to feature it on a layout based in the late 1960's is taking a bit of a liberty but it works there. There was also a set of cattle pens to the left of the goods shed as well as a coal yard but I'm unsure of the exact location of that. Once again a swoop over Mablethorpe by Google Earth revealed elements that enabled me to scale up the trackplan on a 1906 map I had. I can fairly confidently say that this modellable in under 8 feet. I have altered the positioning of some of the buildings to do that and create the view blocks. Mablethorpe was a funny old station looking like it was "built wrong". Most of its traffic came from the South but the station was built to take most of its traffic from the North. For that is how it was built. From Louth and the North first only later being linked to the South through Sutton-on-Sea. One can only wonder how things would have been different in town if things had stayed the way they had been built. Most holidaymakers would have come from the Yorkshire coalfields, there would have been no "muchizzit?" fortnight because holidaymakers wouldn't come from Leicester. The town could have been totally different. We can only speculate.
Such speculation could form the basis of this layout, with the South exit (right) not modelled you could assume it never happened and all the traffic comes from Louth at the left. Three of the four platforms are modelled so that you could even run passenger trains.
I might be a bit baised but I think my version of Mablethorpe has quite a bit going for it.

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