Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Changing Trains (of thought)

Yesterday when I got home from work there was a nice thick envelope from England wating for me with the blue and white badge of the Scalefour Society on the outside.
Great Stuff! My membership materials. In fact it turned out to only be half of them. This was a package that included my membership card and some back issues of the Scalefour News for me to catch up on things. Some very inspirational photo's of layouts and projects in there. Reading much of the magazines also dispels the myth that P4 modellers are a boring bunch obsessed with minute detail who peer over models with a magnifier and a micrometer. Also in the packet was a hard copy of this. An extra printed in conjunction with BRM magazine that serves as an introduction to P4 modelling. It is a very honestly written piece. Well worth a read if you're considering the move to P4.
The really good stuff - The Scalefour Digest - the handbook of all the P4 modelling details will follow shortly.
Both the P4 "primer" and my introductory materials state that the best way to start in P4 is with a small "plank" type layout with a few yards of track and a couple of turnouts to cut my teeth on the new standards. Something that you can very quickly have running All very good sound advice.
Saltfleet Haven is certainly quite a way from a simple "plank". My Mablethorpe plan is closer to that ideal, perhaps I need to simplify things further just to get started. After all I don't want to destroy my enthusiasm for the Saltfleet Haven project by not being able to work in P4.

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