Friday, March 20, 2009

...and so it begins...

Spurred on by how well my T scale blog has done in spurring on the construction of my T gauge layout "Gono". I decided to start a blog to document the design and building of the one thing I want to do most in the world of model railways and that is build a decent 4mm scale layout.
I'm sure most of you would think this an easy task. But not for me. I've been railway modelling for almost 35 years and only ever completed ONE 4mm scale layout and I had to have help with that. You see I am a serial railway modeller of a very weak will. If I see an interesting prototype be it in the flesh or photographs I want to model it. Why, in the last few months alone, I have contemplated and drawn conceptual sketches for layouts inspired by:
1. Swinden Quarry in the Yorkshire Dales.
2. Scrapyards in Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway territory. (2 different designs)
3. Trafford Park Industrial Railway.
4. A fictional light railway in North East Lincolnshire. (at least 3 different designs there)
5. Doddings Farm Watercress railway (Yes another layout based on that in addition to Purespring Watercress)
6. The Great Orme Tramway
As you can see I have a problem...
So hopefully this blog will help me to choose an idea and to keep it going and see it through to the end.
We'll see...

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  1. As someone else who is constantly setting off along a new tangent, I know how you feel - it's hard to keep focus when another idea comes along! Maybe Monet had the right idea - apparently he had loads of canvases on the go at once, moving from one to another as he felt like it. At the risk of disturbing your focus, what happened to the Inkerman Street style terminus you began - did it ever see the light of day, I thought it looked very atmosperic.