Friday, July 31, 2009

Some thoughts

Been somewhat quiet on the update front of late. Mileage is starting to ramp up for my next marathon. So that takes priority.
I have placed an order for a couple of Tortoise point motors for the layout though. Some of the parts for the Scalescenes goods shed are sitting under some weights while the glue sets. Actually they've been sat under the weights for 2 weeks so I think the glue is well and truly bonded now.
Also today a slight cause for concern. I finally dismantled my Wold Farm Mushrooms layout. Ripping up the track and removing the hills, ostensibly to fit everything in the dustbin easier. But, and this makes me re-think the pink foam method, everything peeled off the pink foam easily. Too easily. So easily that I have a new baseboard for another layout with a minimum of clean up. Bit worried about the pink foam baseboards now.


  1. Before laying track, scenery, etc, had you sanded the surface of the pink foam?

    This is mentioned by Gordon Gravett as necessary to remove the release agent from the manufacturing process. Which is probably equally good at making the things that we want to have stick, not stick, IYSWIM.


  2. I forgot about that. That is something I didn't do on that particular baseboard. Now having read the MRJ article about pink foam baseboards (and you've just reminded me) I know what to do differently