Monday, July 20, 2009

A flight of fancy

Imagine yourself on a light aircraft flying along the East Lincolnshire coastline. A few miles North of Mablethorpe you take a look out of the window. If you are imagining hard enough you might see this scene below you.
This then is ideally how I'd like the layout to look when finished. The length of the layout would run from the goods shed to the chapel graveyard and depth wise from the quay wall to the front hedgerow. Hopefully I could get the finished layout to look like this. It's certainly something to aim for.


  1. This looks really great. I imagine the chapel as a tin one, like Ian Rice made, rusty and faded. The trees in the foreground would make a good scene frame, too. My only worry would be blending the waterway into the backscene, but it could be managed pretty effectively. Great plan!

  2. I've been following this for weeks and love it, the only thing that bothers me looking at it is would a railway build 2 bridges over the river like that in an area with so few space restrictions?

  3. Thanks for the positive comments. I've thought about blending the waterway into the backscene, even going so far as to consider some forced perspective on the far bank of the quayside.
    With regards to the two bridges close together. Look at it as "selective compression" Perhaps if I can get 18" of distance between the two it won't look so bad. Incidentally the Brockelsby Park CC website bought back some memories. I might even feel the need to post about it...

  4. I do like this plan - very nice! It has been well thought out. Perhaps something like a yard crane would be suitable for the quayside to add more interest? Perhaps with a few crates ready for loading?
    Hope to see a layout thread before long.

  5. Just catching up with your postings.

    It's looking good. A different viewing angle, most would have placed the view of the layout from the water. I like the thought behind it and should prove interesting.

    Do you want some photos taking of the haven? Could do with justifying a break from decorating over the weekend.