Monday, July 6, 2009

Seduced by the charms of the Fens

I knew I shouldn't have looked at my copy of the Wild Swan book "The Wisbech and Upwell Tramway"...
Once I had opened those pages and looked at those pictures of the Y6's, J70's and 03's with their skirts and cow catchers I was doomed.
Toby the tram engine was always my favourite locomotive in the Thomas stories so in reality I was doomed many years ago.
In a moment of weakness yesterday I ordered a Bachmann Class 03 shunter in early BR black from Hattons. A smaller shunter like this will be perfect for the layout. Though it doesn't fit in with the time period that I thought I had already established for the layout with my BR Blue class 08. But what the heck, once skirts and cowcatchers are fitted to it. I won't care.

p.s Oops... it's really 04's that ran on the W&U and an 04 that I bought...


  1. As an impressionable, myopic youngster, I saw an article in the Railway Modeller about the Y6 and I was pretty fascinated. I had thought Toby was a wild invention, dreamt up one night in the vicarage after too much communion wine. But here he was in black and white. Ever since, I have had a secret desire for a Fen layout. But as my partner says, I'll go for anything in skirts...

  2. Unfortunately, the W and Upwell 04s had an earlier style of cab to that modelled by Bachmann, so a bit more hacking will be needed. This page shows both - D2203 was a skirted machine. Another good one would be the skirted 0-4-0 Hunslets used at Ipswich docks, and as modelled in resin by Silver Fox.


  3. I see the difference. Thanks Jim. This project will not be as simple as I first envisioned


  4. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Googling around suggests Impetus used to make a conversion kit. They're now owned by Karlgarin, but not in production. Someone might have one in a drawer somewhere. Anyway, even with the wrong cab it'll probably be more accurate than the 1:29 version on an LGB chassis I'm currently sketching out for the garden!