Tuesday, July 21, 2009

As the world spins

A wet rainy Minnesota morning seems very far removed from the delights of Cricket on an English summers afternoon. But that is what I've been thinking about this morning.
Perhaps it was yesterday's stunning England victory over Australia at Lords. Perhaps it was the fact that while I've been working on assembling the Scalescenes goods shed I've been doing so to the strains of the Duckworth Lewis Method.
But today it is more than likely because I just followed the links from a recent comment to one of this blogs postings. That led me to the website of Brocklesby Park Cricket Club. One weekend, many years ago, I played there for Grimoldby CC. I went in at number 10 or 11 and the first ball I faced was a bit uppish and I decided with a rush of blood to the head to hook at it. Which being a number 11 batsman I totally mistimed and the ball crashed into my shoulder. I think my pride was hurt more than anything. It certainly caused some consternation amongst the home team though. I don't remember a lot about the innings after that. Did I score any runs in my innings? I don't think so. Did I get out next ball? Knowing me probably.
What has this got to do with Model Railways? Absolutley nothing. You just never know where the next memory is coming from.


  1. I went to school in the North West of England...the playing fields adjoined the railway. I was watching a tasty Stanier 8 go past instead of fielding, when a cricket ball hit me square in the back...I don't remember much except asking the master (also a train fan) when I came to...did you get the number? Never have liked cricket after that.


  2. I think this might be the match you are refering to :) http://www.brocklesbypark.org.uk/statistics/match.php?MatchID=891

    Glad to bring back some memories and I look forward to progress on Saltfleet

  3. @bedstar. Thank you very much for that. I scored a run! I wish I could remember taking the catch though. But it was 23 years ago.