Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

No not really.
But there was a nice big parcel in the mail box on Thursday when I arrived home from work. However being 4th July weekend other commitments have not allowed me to open the parcel until now. I knew what it was of course. It's the track for " The Haven" layout from the P4 Track Co.
I was a little nervous about ordering the rail for the track from England as I did not know how that would fare on its transatlantic journey. I needn't have worried the rail is in perfect condition straight and level with no kinks and bends in it.
Also in the mail this weekend was the latest issue of the Scalefour News. In which this little blog gets a mention as a place worth checking out. So, if you're checking this out as a result of that mention.
Hello there. To find out why I called the blog "4mm scale agonies" you need to go back to the earliest entries on the blog. Those original agonies are well and truly gone now. But I expect there will be plenty more related to other constructional aspects on the way. Pink foam baseboards are the current one. More on that later. That is turing into a pressing matter as I've now got track, I'll soon need a baseboard to lay it on.

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