Saturday, July 11, 2009


I'm sat here staring at a sheet of white expanded polystyrene with some track, wagons and sundry bits and bobs on it. It may look like a pile of junk to you (and my wife). But to me it means something.
I'm working on visualising the layout. None of this "scale model of a model" malarkey for me. I don't think I need to. Not at an envisioned size of 4'6" x 2' or thereabouts. Building a 1/4 size scale model would leave me with a model about 13" x 6". If I wanted to do that I'd model in T scale... Wait a minute I do! So no need to do that again then...
Seriously if it was a bigger layout I would build a scale model but I'm getting more out of looking at things actual size than I would peering at a scale model.
Already I've had an idea for a slight tweak to the scenic treatment and I think I need something at the l/h side to balance the goods shed and buildings on the right.

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