Friday, May 1, 2009

Time to stop faffing* around...

*faffing - wasting time and getting away from the job in hand.
The job in hand in this case is the building of a finescale 4mm scale layout. Except lately I seem to have got somewhat sidetracked and faffed around with other jobs. Some were quite legitimate i.e. preparing my H0 scale layout for a show, other jobs like posting some other trackplans plainly was faffing of the highest order. But not today.
For today I made some steps in the right direction. I popped 2 orders into the mail for some P4 stuff. I ordered some track gauges and wheelsets from the Scalefour stores and a pair of P4 points kits from the P4 track co. It seems very strange in this day and age of the internet and instant global communications that there are still places that still rely on the mail service.
Now, suitably fired up. I think I'll go and assemble one of my Parkside wagon kits. Incidentally for Parkside I could place an order online.

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