Friday, May 15, 2009


I am immensely frustrated this week. I've had the week off work. Something that Americans have termed a "Staycaytion" in their need to assign snappy phrases to mundane things.
Time that I would really, really have liked to devote to this P4 layout. But no. The items that I had ordered did not arrive in time, perhaps I should have ordered them a week or so earlier. So I've worked on my T scale layout a bit. Read through some of my old Lincolnshire railway books, (Halton Holegate on the Spilsby branch would make a great subject for a model you know).
Most importantly I took time to work out if the proposed sketch I have for the Nuclear flask layout would work out how I want it to.
Truthfully speaking it doesn't.
One thing I wanted to do with this layout is have all the scenics on one easily manageable and transportable board. Antics with my HO scale layout Oneota Yard on a day that threatened rain was enough to convince me in my situation that is very important. Basically a layout that was designed to be transported in the back of my truck ended up having to be transported in our Scion XD. Great car though this is, its not suitable for transporting a 5' long layout. If the Nuclear flask layout was to fit on one baseboard it would be as long as Oneota yard.
Back to the drawing board.
So, frustrated.

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