Monday, April 20, 2009

Synchronicity or a Sign?

On Sunday, quite by surprise. I found myself in the Barnes and Noble store at the Mall of America. This store is the flagship store for the state and as such, you can frequently find an interesting selection of overseas magazines on the shelves. Sunday was no exception. Whilst rootling through the hobby section I came across no less than three copies each of Hornby Magazine and Model Rail magazine. The fact that both magazines were there was the first surprise ( I have in the past seen one or the other on the shelves). But three copies of each? Perhaps it's a minimum purchase agreement or perhaps they can sell three copies of each magazine in Minnesota. If you are a Minnesota resident and read English model railway mags drop me a line...
But I digress. On top of finding multiple copies of two different UK model railway mags. The issue of Model Rail contained an article on modelling Nuclear Flask wagons. Given my current interest in such trains the question has to be asked. Is this just a coincidence or are the model railway gods trying to tell me something?

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  1. Is this a sign to the right path? Life is full of little distractions. A river that is straight can be a boring river to navigate, one that twists and turns holds much interest but can also be treacherous to navigate.

    Not sure what I was trying to say there just became a little over come I must be getting tired......... Your nuclear layout plans would make a nice test/trial P4 layout... :-))