Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coming together

I think the nuclear flask layout idea is starting to gel now. I can start to see it in my minds eye which is always a good sign. That means I can draw a sketch of the overall layout.
Hopefully looking at this sketch you will get a feel for what the finished layout would look like. It seems like the visible section of the layout would be about 5' long. Though when I laid it out using a couple of B6 point templates it seemed like I might be able to fit the visible section into 4'. There are times when I could do with some proper track planning software like 3rdPlanit or even Templot then I'd know exactly where I'd stand with the plan. But I'm a Mac user and such software isn't available for the Mac. Though of course I could run Boot camp and Windows OS to use them but just for designing model railway trackplans. I don't think so.


  1. Have you tried RailModeller for the Mac? I use it on both my MacMini and my MacBook - it's dead handy for messing around with ideas. It comes with the standard manufacturers points and I think you can create your own libraries too - though I've not bothered. (jameshilton off RMweb)

  2. Thanks for that James I'll have to give it a look.