Friday, April 3, 2009

The perfect argument for adopting finescale standards

"Why should I model finescale?"
That is a question that many modellers have asked themselves at sometime wether it be Scale Seven, P4, 3mm or 2mm. Some have turned their backs on it and others have faced up to it.
If you're wavering and need convincing, take a look at these films Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.
Yes, it's of an American prototype but that should not detract from your enjoyment of what is some very atmospheric filming.
The films follow the shunting of a train at the Hull-Oaks sawmill in Oregon. All done by a driver and his remote controlled locomotive. Each segment is about 10 minutes long so you might want to settle down with a nice hot cuppa and some choccy biccies or a glass of your favourite tipple as you watch this.
All you need do is look at the wheels and the track. Look at the weight of the rail. Most tellingly look at the flanges and treads on the wheels. You won't miss them, there are plenty of studied shots of them. Never again will you be happy with ordinary 00 or Ho standards. That kind of track and wheels just does not look like this. If my Ho scale layout Oneota Yard did not have an exhibition booked in less than a month then quite honestly I would probably be ripping the track up and starting again and working to P87 standards.
If you are going to build a model railway that you are going look at like these videos have been filmed, then you have no choice but to go finescale.
Do it.

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