Friday, February 5, 2010

Something Tangible

I'm sure there are some of you out there in P4 land that think.
"That Ian, he's all mouth and trousers. He'll never get that Saltfleet Haven layout built".
I don't blame you I do tend to run off at a totally unrelated tangent and go modelling somewhere else for a time. But it keeps me fresh I feel and skill that I develop in the other scales, I can use here. But to prove there is some tangible progress being made towards the layout. Here is a progress shot of the tin chapel.
Still a ways from being completed but I'm feeling pretty good about it.


  1. Nice work Ian,

    That chapel is something that would not look at all out of place on an outback / country Australian layout.

    I particularly like the rust on the roof, enough to be noticeable, but not overdone, and the roof has that typically flat dull look to it. Top work.

    Would you care to share your technique for getting that result?


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  3. Thanks Darren. I'll put together a post about it, If you don't mind waiting