Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Proof

Here we go then following requests for a picture (usual apologies for the wallpaper). A straight out of the box Bachmann 08 converted to P4. Yes, the tension lock couplers are still there. But look, you can barely see the wheel flanges as it should be.
So after a bit of weathering, some detailing and some new couplings. I'll have a very nice P4 loco.


  1. Excellent .....

    Is this the kick start to starting Saltfleet Haven?

  2. Great stuff - well worth a little modification to the front steps before you start weathering. When RMWeb is back up hunt for the Paxton Road workbench (my blog) and take a look at my 08/09s - it's quite straightforward and transforms the model :)

  3. James. I've found your article at long last! (No thanks to the problems with RMWeb of course)