Monday, December 28, 2009

cross blogging

I've just made this entry over at the protocrastinator
Take a read of it and tell me if you think that if a British Model Railway magazine were to do something similar that they would fail to mention finescale track standards.
I tend to think not. But then again I've been out of touch of the UK model railway press for 10 years or so.
I think finescale standards are more readily embraced by the model railway mags in the UK than they are in the US of A. Perhaps its just me.
I'd certainly be interested in any points of view.


  1. A British mag wouldn't have failed to mention finescale! Building one's own track is very much the 'finescale way' in the UK so the two go hand in hand so no doubt an article on realsitic track would have made some refernce to this!


    PS I could have taken a photo of a length of track at Scunthorpe Steelworks to show you a real life occurance of a 3rd rail, just like the old dublo set track - though for us it helped to retain a rather sharp radius! Maybe a prototype for everything?! But I still agree with your post here!

  2. Whilst I sometimes think that the mainstream UK modelling press is guilty of dumbing down, what you mention here is interesting. I love the MR but I do feel that it is very behind the times...or is it just that modellers over the pond have a different set of goals than us? I remember reading articles in the old Model Railroad Craftsman 20 years ago about building realistic why not now? Very interesting....and strange.

    I am thinking perhaps that this seems disrespectful to the readers of MR...the editor obviously thinks that the readers can't cope with such things. Perhaps it has assumed the position that Hornby Magazine has in the British press...I can't believe that there aren't a great many finescale modellers in the US?