Saturday, November 21, 2009

Get off yer backside and do something!

It's tempting. The 2010 RMWeb challenge has been announced. The competition is to build a layout in 2010 square inches by 20th October 2010. 2010 square inches is just under 14 square feet. Way way more than what I have planned for the Haven layout. But it might just be the catalyst to get me going on the scheme at long last. I have plenty of stock waiting to be converted all the track I need. But (and this is a pretty big but) no baseboard. Have to see if I can get around to building a baseboard after Christmas.
I always seem to end up building baseboards in January, one of the coldest months of the year when its flippin' freezing in the garage. Haven't quite worked out why it seems to end up that way. You'd think I'd learn my lesson after all these years...

1 comment:

  1. Now then. The 2010 RMWeb challenge might be something to help me focus a little more. Not sure I can get my newly proposed Polbrook Engine Shed layout under 14 square feet though. Lets just hope we are both building baseboards over Christmas.