Friday, August 21, 2009

Mail call

Blimey. Jeepers. Golly.
Scalefour News arrived today.
I have to admit I was rather puzzled when I picked up the brown envelope. There was something different. It was thicker. More robust.
"What's this?" I thought. "Something's going on here." I wasn't even sure that it was the News for a moment.
However that fear was dispelled as soon as I opened the envelope. It was a double bumper issue! Not only a copy of the News but also a nice thick Scaleforum 2009 guide. Full colour and everything. Just awesome. Showing me exactly what I'm missing by not being there.
Just what am I missing? Only some of the (personally) most influential P4 layouts going. Bodmin, Hepton Wharf, Llanastr. It's just not fair! I would kill to see all these layouts under one roof. OK perhaps not literally but you get the idea. The selection of layouts looks outstanding and a longer list of traders there to boot.
It makes me actually hope that I don't get accepted for the 2010 London Marathon so that we can time next years visit home with Scaleforum 2010.
Huge compliments to the producers of the guide and I hope that Scaleforum 2009 is a huge success.

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  1. To me, the nicest thing about the Scaleforum Guide was not the description of the layouts that we'll be treated to in a month's time, but the opening article from Paul Karau that set out the way that Model Railway Journal came into being.

    Truly a piece of inspiration about what *can* be achieved if you put your mind to it.