Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Disturbing the tumbleweed

Better post something here lest my followers think I have quit on my layout project. I haven't but 2 marathons in 4 weeks takes it out of you. With another one in three weeks time I might be quiet a while longer yet. But things have been appearing in the mailbox though. I have a set of track gauges, some more wheels and no less than two P4 track company kits. Looking forward to assembling those in particular. I've had a look at the instructions and was initially quite daunted at the project. But after a second and third reading things seemed clearer. I will, of course write about the whole sorry or exciting adventure (depending on the final outcome) here.
The wheels are for my Bachmann 16T mineral wagons. Though it looks like they will not be the relatively easy drop in project I had hoped for. I was hoping some simple filing away and trimming at the back of the W-irons would suffice, as some members of the S4 society said it might be. But it might be that some heavyweight filing might be in order. If that fails then it will be back to the Scalefour stores for some wagon compensation units.

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